What Makes Rikki Lear?

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Joining me this week on the Azeem Digital Asks podcast is the fantastic Rikki Lear, Director of Digital 22, a specialist HubSpot agency, based in the UK. 

To put it quite simply, you should ABSOLUTELY listen to this episode – Rikki is incredibly open, and honest – and shares all of the highs, and some of the lows that he’s experienced throughout his career. He talks about the difficulties of looking after an agency during COVID, and shares some incredibly useful advice that pretty much everyone in the industry I think would benefit from.

Rikki also shares the story behind how Digital 22 started, which (when I heard it) had me in tears of laughter. He’s genuinely a nice guy, and I’d strongly recommend hearing his story.

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Digital 22 Website: https://www.digital22.com/

Rikki’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/rikki_lear

Podcast Anchor Page: https://anchor.fm/azeemdigitalasks

My Twitter page: https://twitter.com/AzeemDigital

My website: https://iamazeemdigital.com/

*THAT* goal we spoke about – https://youtu.be/5y9fEjU6i08 

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