azeem talking on stage

I am Azeem Digital. A multi-disciplined Digital Marketer with almost ten years of experience in the industry. I’ve spoken at conferences internationally, and more recently, been part of the judging panel for global marketing awards.

Agency side is where I began my career officially, after doing some freelance digital marketing. I spent a few years working with various clients, ranging from small local funeral directors in Ireland, worldwide attraction ticket resale clients, large international banking brands and insurance companies, retail and Ecommerce brands across five major European countries, and finishing my tenure helping to manage a large automotive brands web presence across nearly 30 countries. I achieved some major successes here in my time which I am happy to share in more detail.

My next role took me in house, where I spent some time looking after the paid media accounts for a well known holiday company, broadening horizons outside of purely Google Ads to Facebook Ads, and Display marketing/retargeting.

After that, I stayed in-house, moving in to the Higher Education sector and looking after multi-channel campaigns and helping to create strategies to drive leads that are traditionally expensive for a progressive drop in acquisition cost year on year.

Zany is one of the many words used to describe my presentation style at conferences. I like to add an element of humour to my talks to keep audiences engaged. Part of which you’re experiencing digitally having noticed each paragraph starts with a specific letter…

Equally, I like to ensure my presentations deliver value to the audience. Topics I’ve spoken about at conferences include PPC, SEO, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager. Attendees leave with a series of actions and things to implement into their work lives immediately, with many reaching out to thank me for the information and tips that I have shared.

Excluding conferences, I’ve appeared on webinars and podcasts during the coronavirus pandemic, with face to face meetings and conferences temporarily halted for safety reasons. I’ve talked about wider topics such as diversity in marketing, in relation to being one of a small community of marketers of colour.

My passion lies in learning as much as possible, whether self-taught, or from others. I really enjoy passing on what knowledge I’ve learned, and letting others grow too. If you’d like to learn more about me, or want to talk to me about getting involved with an event/podcast, etc, please get in touch! I’d love to hear from you.

If you want to find out more about me in terms of conference speaking, see here.