What Makes Maret Reutelingsperger?

In this episode of the Azeem Digital Asks Podcast, I had the pleasure of talking to the brains behind Mobe Digital, Maret Reutelingsperger. Maret describes herself as a natural story teller, and that really shines through in the way she comes across when she talks – it’s no surprise she is asked to speak at conferences and webinars. You can listen below via the embedded player, or via the podcast page.

We have a great conversation about what she’s learned from her previous marketing roles, and her transition into forming her own company, as well as some tough lessons that she’s had to learn the hard way.

We had a lot of fun recording this one. I hope you enjoy it too. As always, if you enjoyed this episode, please like/share/leave a rating. 

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My Twitter page: https://twitter.com/AzeemDigital
Maret’s website: https://www.mobedigital.com/

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