What Makes Luke Cope?

To mark hitting episode 10 of the Azeem Digital Asks podcast, I’m doing a double release this week, and it’s a Rise at Seven special! First up, my guest is the absolutely brilliant Luke Cope. Luke is the Head of Digital Strategy at Rise at Seven (he just got promoted yesterday – so a HUGE congratulations to you Luke!), and he shares a lot of knowledge from his years in the industry.

You won’t want to miss this episode, because he shares about how he met Carrie and Stephen from Rise at Seven, and quit his job as Head of Digital at another agency THE NEXT DAY, to (in his own words) “guilt trip” them into hiring him.

Luke is very open and honest in this episode, and shares some of his successes, and failures, and talks quite candidly about impostor syndrome too. 

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Luke’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/Copozade

Rise at Seven Website: https://riseatseven.com/

Podcast Anchor Page: https://anchor.fm/azeemdigitalasks

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