What Makes Christina Brodzky?

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The absolutely awesome Christina Brodzky, founder of MediaSesh, joins me on the Azeem Digital Asks podcast this week. She has been in the industry for over 11 years, and has experience in working in corporate for a decade, supporting well-known personalities and Fortune 500 companies, before growing her own SEO consulting firm.

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We have a great conversation about her journey into the industry, how she views failure, and she really gives you an insight into her mindset and how she works. I even managed to put her on the spot and ask her why people should work with her, and she gives an absolutely brilliant answer right off the bat – you really don’t want to miss this episode. After we finished recording this, I definitely spent some time reframing some of the ways I approach things, based on the great advice she gave.

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MediaSesh Website: https://www.mediasesh.com/

Christina’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/cbrodzky

Podcast Anchor Page: https://anchor.fm/azeemdigitalasks

My Twitter page: https://twitter.com/AzeemDigital

My website: https://iamazeemdigital.com/

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