Surena Chande podcast interview – why your pitches don’t land with journalists

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Imagine if you were able to learn more about Digital PR pitching from someone who has had experience in both PR, and journalism? Imagine no more – Surena Chande is here to teach you things that will help you get your pitches to land and to be more successful.

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The final (video) episode of 2022 is here, and Surena Chande – freelance journalist and copywriter for global brands, as well as being the SEO editor for a few big publications such as the Daily Mirror – joins me to share her tips to make you better at pitching.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The biggest mistake people make when pitching to journalists.
  • The one thing she wishes PR people would understand about pitching to journalists.
  • How PRs can make their own lives easier.
  • How journalists can make their lives easier.
  • Having worked on both sides of the fence, the advice she can share with the audience.

…and much more!  

YouTube version of the podcast episode. Click above to watch.

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