Sophie Brannon Interview – SEO Strategy, & the remote vs office debate

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The brilliant Sophie Brannon joins me on the Azeem Digital Asks podcast this week to discuss everything related to SEO strategies, and we also cover the recent debates about remote vs office work.

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Sophie is the Senior SEO Manager at Absolute Digital Media, recently spoke at BrightonSEO ’21, and lives on coffee, red wine, and plants – interesting combination!

We discuss:

The definition of an SEO strategy.

What she feels the most common overlooked aspect of SEO strategies are.

Where people go wrong when strategising for SEO.

Advice for junior staff members looking to learn more about the strategy side of SEO.

Her self development and learning process, and tips.

Her thoughts on the recent debates about returning to the office, vs staying remote.

Managing and communicating remotely.

…and so much more!

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