Sian Elvin Interview – How Digital PR’s can improve pitches to journalists

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Wouldn’t you love to know some really useful tips on how to pitch to a journalist, from someone who has not just student and local press experience, but nationals too? Look (and listen) no further. 

The wonderful Sian Elvin – award winning journalist and assistant news editor at – comes onto the show to discuss all things pitching, her inbox, and some of the mistakes she’s seen people make when trying to pitch stories to her. If you missed her awesome talk at BrightonSEO last year, then you missed a great talk!

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We cover:
– How she got into her industry
– What Digital PR’s (or anyone pitching to journalists) can do to make their lives easier
– The biggest pitching mistakes she’s experienced
– The failures, and cringe-worthy pitches that land into her inbox
– Her thoughts on “clickbait” style pitches
– The best way to get your pitch emails opened, and the best time to pitch

and much more!

This really is not an episode you will want to miss. Whatever your level of experience with Digital PR, Sian shares some really useful insights across her years of experience that will really help listeners become better at their jobs.

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