Miracle Inameti-Archibong Interview – The impact of parenthood on career progress

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Miracle Inameti-Archibong joins me on the show this week to discuss an important topic – the impact of parenthood on career progress, and just how progressive the digital marketing industry is. 

Miracle is the Head of SEO at Erudite, and is also a judge at the Drum Search Awards. You’ll regularly see her sharing her knowledge either on Clubhouse, or Twitter – to name just two platforms.

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We have a great, and important discussion on a key topic, based on a survey she ran.

We discuss:

– Why she wanted to, and what motivated her to undertake a survey on parents in the digital marketing industry.

– Why she thinks parents feel their career progress has been affected by parenthood.

– The differences in responses to her survey from mothers and fathers.

– The impact that job level/seniority had on her data.

– Which result shocked her the most.

– How she thinks that the pandemic has shaped the workplace for parents.

– The changes she would like to see the industry make to become more progressive.

..and much more!

This is an important discussion that I really don’t think anyone should miss. 

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