Lidia Infante podcast interview – understanding TikTok

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Wouldn’t it be great if there was a resource somewhere that helped you to fully understand TikTok, as well as its ranking factors, to help you become more successful on the platform? Look no further – THIS episode has you covered.  

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Lidia Infante joins me on the show to discuss the above, and much more. She’s studied TikTok in depth, published numerous articles, and even read the documentation about the ranking factors of the platform. She is the Senior SEO Manager at, and has been seen at multiple marketing conferences sharing her knowledge.  

In this episode, we discuss:  

– How she finds search behaviour differs from TikTok and Google. 

– Why she thinks TikTok is taking market share from Google. 

– What types of behaviours has she seen users display on TikTok. 

– How does TikTok impact SEO. 

– What inspired her to release her study on the TikTok algorithm. 

– What she learned about the algorithm. 

– What the main ranking factors on TikTok are. 

– The next steps she advises listeners or viewers to take after this episode.  

…and much more!  

YouTube version of the podcast episode. Click above to watch.

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