Kristina Azarenko Interview – How COVID has impacted the Ecommerce industry

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What a way to start the next season/phase of episodes of the Azeem Digital Asks podcast. 

My guest is the SEO Twitter Flame, my good friend, Kristina Azarenko. She is a Toronto based SEO consultant, providing eCommerce SEO, Technical SEO, Website Migrations and Google Analytics consulting so that you can finally get what you’re looking for – via her company MarketingSyrup.

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Kristina is someone I consider to be one of the foremost thought leaders in the Ecommerce space, and also runs her own SEO course, as well as recently releasing a Chrome extension which has over 5,000(!) downloads!

We discuss:

– How she went from being a debt collector to starting her own business.

– The impact of COVID on Ecommerce, and how businesses have responded.

– Advice for businesses who are considering investing more in the space.

– The biggest mistakes she has seen people in the space make.

– What behaviour changes she has noticed from consumers as a result of the pandemic.

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