Katy Powell podcast interview – breaking the glass ceiling as a female business founder

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Katy Powell, one third of the leadership team at Bottled Imagination shares her story on what it’s like to be a female business founder in the marketing industry, as well as the challenges she has faced.

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Described as “an expert in all things PR, thinking up ideas that take over the internet and putting brands front and centre in trending conversations. Nothing distracts her when she’s in the PR zone – apart from a Britney Spears megamix” – you’ll easily be able to see (and hear!) why this is one episode that’s not to be missed.

In this episode, we also discuss:

  • What inspired her to be part of the founding team of Bottled Imagination.
  • Thinking of when she started, if she could change one thing about the whole process, what would it be and why.
  • As a woman in a heavily male dominated industry, what are some of the challenges that she has faced in starting the business.
  • As the only female in the leadership team, what unique perspectives does she feel that she brings to client challenges / day to day work.
  • How has she found making the switch from a regular “9-5” into her current role, and how does she manage her workload now.
  • Advice for women listening to this episode who are thinking about leaving the corporate world and potentially following in her footsteps.
  • What sets their agency apart from others, and how does she communicate that to potential clients.
  • …and so much more!

YouTube version of the podcast episode. Click above to watch.

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