Juliana Turnbull Interview – Going Freelance & Hosting Conference Events

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My guest on the Azeem Digital Asks podcast this week is the fantastic Juliana Turnbull, and we’ll be talking all about going freelance, as well as hosting and running conference events.

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Better known as SEO Jo Blogs, she is a freelance marketing consultant, conference speaker, organiser of Search London, founder of Turn Digi, a finalist in the Global Freelancer 2020 awards, a Digital Women’s Finalist – generally an all round incredibly awesome individual!

In this episode, we talk:

– The inspiration to go freelance
– Surprises she found when she made the switch to freelance
– Advice on coping and getting through quieter periods
– Tips for people considering going freelance
– The difficulties of setting up and running events

…and so much more!

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