John Mueller Podcast Interview & SEO Tips for 2021

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Happy new year! Welcome to 2021. Joining me on the Azeem Digital Asks podcast for the first episode of 2021 is Google’s very own, John Mueller. John is always super helpful over on Twitter, taking time out to help people with their general SEO queries and giving pointers.

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John was kind enough to take some time out of his schedule to talk about:

  • What his autobiography would be called, if he wrote one.
  • His journey into the industry, starting right from his school days, moving countries – and eventually arriving at Google.
  • Learnings from his years in the industry, as well as running his own companies.
  • Who he sees as inspirational in the industry.
  • What he considers he’s failed at in 2020.
  • The impact of COVID, professionally, and transitioning to remote working.
  • What he does to improve his self development and learning.

We then get onto answering some SEO specific questions sent in by the listeners, which include one from me about Apple potentially launching a search engine. John talks about:

  • The recommended academic/career path to become a top SEO/digital marketer.
  • Responding to algorithm changes, and stopping AI from learning.
  • Who’s responsibility it is to push forward inclusiveness in SERPs.
  • What he thinks about Apple potentially launching their own search engine.
  • Tips and advice to start 2021 on the right foot, and have a successful year.

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