Gemma Houghton podcast interview – the importance of culture

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Marketers talk about strategy, tactics, engagement, execution – but where does culture fit into all of this? Gemma Houghton joins me on the show to discuss the importance of culture in marketing.

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Gemma is the director of marketing at Webcertain, and has multiple years of experience in the industry  – so there’s nobody better placed to discuss this important topic.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How is culture defined.
  • Why culture is important.
  • Where culture fits into marketing strategy and execution.
  • The risks of not taking this into account.
  • How to make sure culture isn’t forgotten when executing a campaign.
  • When people are learning about marketing, how can they ensure they also learn about culture.
  • Where people can start with understanding and assessing their own company cultures.
  • Her thoughts on companies that have good cultures.

…and much more!  

YouTube version of the podcast episode. Click above to watch.

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