Fiona Bradley podcast interview – achieving growth on LinkedIn

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What Fiona Bradley doesn’t know about organic LinkedIn success, probably isn’t worth knowing in my opinion. This episode will not teach you how to grow on LinkedIn by posting about the injured dog that you ignored on the way to a job interview, only to find out the dog WAS the interviewer. Instead, Fiona helpfully shares tips and advice on post formats, how to engage, and being authentic to achieve growth on the platform – you definitely don’t want to miss this one.

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Fiona describes herself as a content master, business owner, slow runner, bendy yogi and writer. She runs a Leeds-city centre-based boutique Content Marketing Agency “FB Comms” with a sense of humour, who’s mission it is to create killer content with service that slaps.. not in the way that hurts.

In this episode, we also discuss:

  • Key factors to LinkedIn growth, organically.
  • Biggest mistakes people make on LinkedIn.
  • Balancing sharing valuable content for audiences vs self promotion.
  • Which types of content perform best.
  • How to build meaningful professional relationships, and get opportunities from the platform.
  • How important consistency is for growth.
  • What she feels the future holds for LinkedIn
    …and so much more!

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