Elizabeth Solaru Interview – Luxury marketing & attracting rich clients

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Joining me on the podcast this week is the brilliant Elizabeth Solaru, and we discuss all things luxury marketing, and how to attract rich clients.

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Elizabeth is a luxury business mastery coach, and strategist. Prior to pursuing her passion as a cake maker in the luxury market, Elizabeth had two other successful careers which seemed diametrically opposed. She became a Scientist working for many years saving lives in the NHS. Then after doing an MBA, she went on to become a Headhunter recruiting CEOs, Chairpersons and board level executives in the private and public sectors.

We discuss:

  • What exactly luxury marketing is
  • How luxury marketing differs from traditional marketing
  • Mistakes she’s made when marketing to rich clients
  • How to attract rich clients to your business
  • Tips for people considering moving into this area
  • Dealing with competitors in the luxury space

…and much more!

I really enjoyed recording this episode as this is an area of marketing I’ve been keen to learn more about. Elizabeth did not disappoint with her tips and knowledge.

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