Christine Zirnheld Interview – The benefits of podcasting

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It’s the Season 1 FINALE! What better guest to join me than a podcasting pro – Christine Zirnheld (aka Shep), one of the hosts of the awesome Marketing O Clock podcast. We discuss all things podcasting, and the benefits of the medium.

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For those who don’t know who this awesome human being is, she describes herself as the “Real Housewife of Digital Marketing”, she’s a 2020 PPC Hero “Rising Star” in PPC, contributes to Search Engine Journal, she’s got a book, and works for Cypress North.

In the episode, we discuss:

– Her dream line up for a podcast show.
– The benefits of podcasting.
– What she would change if she started over again.
– Tips and advice for anyone wanting to start their own podcast.
– Mistakes she’s made, and has seen being made.
– Where you can go to learn more about podcasting.
– How to explain the benefits of podcasting to someone who doesn’t quite understand the medium.
– Cool things she’s done while podcasting.

…and so much more!

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