Christine Gritmon Interview – Building and maintaining your personal brand

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My guest on the Azeem Digital Asks podcast this week is the fantastic Christine Gritmon – someone who knows a whole lot about personal branding!

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You’ve probably seen her all over social media with her awesome GIF reactions to messages. She describes herself as a GIF machine, microbusiness megafan, she’s a personal branding coach, and a social media trainer, as well as hosting her own chats too!

In this episode, I get to pick her brains all about her expertise – personal branding. We discuss:

– Why brand building is important.
– What holds people back from building their personal brand.
– The unique and creative ways that she’s seen personal brands being built.
– Thoughts on employers valuing individuals personal brands.
– Tips and tricks on learning more about growing a personal brand.

..and much more!

This isn’t an episode to be missed if you want to know more about personal branding.

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A special shout out to her incredible multitasking skills as I watched her book a COVID vaccine, whilst still recording the end of the show!