Chima Mmeje Interview – The power of great content

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Joining me on the Azeem Digital Asks podcast this week is the absolutely brilliant Chima Mmeje, and we’ll be talking all about the power, and benefits of great content.

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If you don’t know Chima – you’re missing out. She’s the brains behind Zenith Copy, and is an SEO content writer and strategist for SaaS & Tech, has been featured in places like : Hackernoon, Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Land, Moz, HubSpot and the Content Marketing Institute to name a few! 

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Defining what great content is
  • Why creating great content is important
  • What success looks like when content is published
  • Her biggest content creation mistakes she’s made in the past
  • Her process for creating content
  • Where she thinks content fits within a good marketing strategy
  • When she thinks you should review content after publishing

…and much more!

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