Rejoice Ojiaku and Wilhemina Gilbertson Interview – salary transparency, diversity and inclusion

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Work in digital marketing? Want to get paid more? Wish more companies and individuals were open about what they earned? Then you absolutely HAVE to listen to this episode. I am joined by two absolutely incredible and inspirational human beings – Rejoice Ojiaku and Wilhemina Gilbertson.

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They are better known as Reji and Willz, and together, they are both the founders of B-DigitalUK, a digital marketing platform which showcases Black talent in the digital industry. 

We discuss:

What B-DigitalUK is, and how they came to create it.

Why they are both so open about their salaries in the industry, and both the advantages and disadvantages of this.

How they respond to negativity about their salaries.

Advice for graduates to negotiate higher starting salaries.

Tips for young Black marketers looking to negotiate higher salaries.

Why they feel there is such a lack of diversity within the industry.

Advice for people wanting to be allies and support under-represented groups.

Tips for those who have less confidence to speak up.

…and so much more!

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